Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tue. Sep. 1, 12-1 PM
10:05 am
Tue September 1, 2015

Medical Marijuana -- Weeding Through the Regulations

Maryland is gearing up in September to open the application process for medical marijuana growers and dispensaries. The rules for the application process have been nailed down. We hear from Hannah Byron, executive director of the state’s medical marijuana commission, and commission member Deborah Miran. We’ll also get the perspective of prospective medical marijuana entrepreneurs who want to open businesses in Maryland.

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The Morning Economic Report
11:12 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Many Millennials Still Living at Home - 9/1/15

The nation is in its seventh year of economic recovery.  The U.S. now supports more jobs than it did prior to the recession.  Millennial workers, particularly those with college degrees, are now earning close to their pre-recession wages.  But despite that, many young adults continue to live with their parents. 

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ClearPath - Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth
4:48 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

ACA and Mental Health Coverage included in Medicare

Credit Juhan Sonin

Medicare and Mental Health in the ACA.

Midday with Dan Rodricks: Mon. Aug 31, 12-2 PM
11:14 am
Mon August 31, 2015

Religion in America - Got Faith?

Credit Brian Lynch via flickr Creative Commons

In this two-hour special we take a look at what some polls show is a growing trend of religious disaffiliation in America. At noon, we’ll hear from Geoffrey Layman, a professor at the University of Notre Dame who studies religion and politics and Daniel Cox, research director at the Public Religion Research Institute in Washington, about why fewer Americans report that they are attending church these days. 

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Maryland Morning
11:00 am
Mon August 31, 2015

Freddie Gray Case Motions; Living Questions; Theater Review; Audio Books For Kids

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On Wednesday a judge is to start hearing lawyers’ arguments in the trial of six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.  We ask two criminal-law professors what motions are before the judge, and what impact they might have.

Then – In this month's installment of Living Questions, Tom Hall visits the Carmelite Monastery in Towson, the oldest community of religious women in the U.S. and speaks with Sister Constance Fitzgerald about the impact a life of reflection and prayer can have in a troubled world.

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