Cellar Notes
5:30 am
Wed May 28, 2014

Paul Blanck of Alsace - 5/28/14

Price key:  $=less than $20  $$= $20-40   $$$=$40-60  $$$$=above $60
Quality key:  * = good decent wine  ** = very good wine   *** = superb wine

Blanck Pinot Gris, Alsace 2011  **1/2 $$
(Dense, earthy, off-dry, almost majestic.)

Blanck Pinot Blanc d'Alsace 2011 ** $
(One of your better pinot blancs, with earthy citrus notes.)

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The Nature of Things
5:32 pm
Tue May 27, 2014

Citizen Science

If you’ve ever wanted to be involved in the great work that scientists do, this is your chance.

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The Environment In Focus
1:10 pm
Tue May 27, 2014

The Last Stand for the Mouse Beaver

Nutria, also called Myocaster coypus (latin for mouse beaver), are large rodents native to South America that wreaked havoc on the Chesapeake Bay's wetlands when they were imported in the 1940's for the fur trade.

The Environment In Focus Podcast 5-28-2014

But now nutria face their last stand on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Only a few are left after an intensive, more than decade-long trapping campaign by federal and state government agencies.

Wildlife managers have been trying to eradicate the invasive species because they eat the roots of wetlands plants. This accelerates the erosion of marshes that are important breeding grounds for fish and birds, and also work as water pollution filters that clean the Chesapeake Bay.

Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tues. May 27, 1-2 p.m.
11:14 am
Tue May 27, 2014

Shy Guy to Self-Styled Freedom Fighter

Matthew VanDyke
Credit Courtesy of Matthew VanDyke

The documentary film "Point and Shoot" tells the story of our guest: Matthew Van Dyke, a shy young Baltimorean who went to Libya to join the rebels as they took up arms against the Gaddafi regime in 2011. Van Dyke was captured and spent six months in solitary confinement before escaping and returning to the front lines. Van Dyke is a filmmaker who also spent time among the rebel fighters in the Syrian Civil War.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tues. May 27, 12-1 p.m.
11:08 am
Tue May 27, 2014

Making Streets Complete

Main Street in Annapolis is Dover's favorite street in Maryland. "It's a well-preserved, well-cared-for classic; feels like the heart of town."
Victor Dover

Walk to work, bike to work -- more and more civic groups in American cities, including Baltimore, are encouraging people to commute on foot or by bicycle. It’s cheap, healthy, environmentally impeccable. But is it safe? After decades of designing streets for the motorist, how can American cities make sufficient room for the pedestrian or pedalist? What makes a 21st Century street complete? And what effect could self-driving cars have on future urban planning?

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Maryland Morning
9:00 am
Tue May 27, 2014

Baltimore City State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein Running for Reelection

Baltimore City State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein
Credit State of Maryland

Sheilah Kast talks with Baltimore City State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein.
With the primary election four weeks from tomorrow, we’re talking this week with the two Democratic candidates for Baltimore City State’s Attorney. This morning, Sheilah Kast is joined by the incumbent State’s Attorney, Gregg Bernstein, who was elected four years ago and is running for reelection. 
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Maryland Morning
8:55 am
Tue May 27, 2014

Building the Bay Bridge

Credit Old Line Publishing

Nathan Sterner speaks with David Guth, author of "Bridging the Chesapeake: A 'Fool Idea' that Unified Maryland."

More people live in Baltimore than any other city in our state. But during the summer months, Ocean City is number 2. Year-round, only about 7,000 people live there, but between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Ocean City population explodes to 320,000 or more.

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Maryland Morning
8:45 am
Tue May 27, 2014

"The Pearl That Broke Its Shell"

Sheilah Kast talks with Nadia Hashimi about first novel, "The Pearl That Broke Its Shell."
"The Pearl that Broke Its Shell" is the first novel by Dr. Nadia Hashimi, a pediatrician who lives and practices in Potomac, Maryland. Hashimi’s parents came to the U.S. from  Afghanistan in the 1970s, before the Soviet invasion, before the aftermath of 9/11 that has shaped the last decade.  Dr.  Hashimi  joins Sheilah Kast on the line from Washington.
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A Blue View
10:53 pm
Mon May 26, 2014

Bob Talbot: Redefining Ocean Conservation - 5/27/14

Marine photographer, videographer and environmentalist Bob Talbot has been working in and around the ocean since he was a young man living along the California coastline.

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