Maryland Morning Podcast
10:20 am
Fri December 26, 2014

How Today's Wealth Was Built From Slavery, "Citizen Canine", Mapping The Social Media Landscape

How did slavery shape America's economy in the past, and how does that show up in the 21st century? In his latest book, Cornell history professor Edward Baptist draws a direct line between slavery and our nation's wealth today. We talk with him about it.

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Maryland Morning
9:00 am
Fri December 26, 2014

Gambling Addiction Treatment in Maryland

Credit Gregory Cinque,

There were no casinos in Maryland until 2010. There are now five, with one more set to open south of Washington, at National Harbor in Prince George’s County, in the summer of 2016. The eruption of casinos is great for people who want to while away an hour or two with a daydream of winning big. But for the estimated 150,000 Marylanders who are addicted to gambling, they create a terrible temptation.

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Maryland Morning
8:55 am
Fri December 26, 2014

Poems About A Lost City

Credit David Robert Books

The Loch Raven Reservoir is the largest of the three area watersheds that supply more than 400 million gallons of water every day to residents of Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  It’s also the inspiration for a new collection of poems. Ann Kolakowski is a poet who lives in Montgomery County, and it appears that her grandmother, who died in 2006, was the last surviving resident of the town that was closed-down and flooded to create the Loch Raven Reservoir.  In 1921, the residents of Warren and the adjacent town of Bosley were told to leave, and their history ran the risk of being literally washed out.  Until now.  Ann Kolakowski’s book of poems is called Persistence: Poems of Warren, MD.

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Maryland Morning
8:50 am
Fri December 26, 2014

A History of Kwanzaa: Past and Present

A display of Kwanzaa's seven principles.
Credit Soulchristmas,

48 years ago today was the first celebration of Kwanzaa, a Pan-African and African American holiday founded by Maulana Karenga during the civil rights movement. Kwanzaa lasts from December 26th through January 1st. It is a non-religious holiday, created to preserve and promote African American culture.

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Public Commentary
8:29 am
Fri December 26, 2014

Charlie Duff - December 23, 2014

Charles Duff is a developer, planner, historian, and President of Jubilee Baltimore, a non-profit group that has rebuilt more than 250 buildings in Baltimore neighborhoods.  He developed City Arts, Baltimore’s first apartment building for artists, in 2010 and is now developing two large projects in the Station North Arts District.  He lectures widely and teaches at Johns Hopkins University.  He is a graduate of Amherst College and Harvard University.

Baltimore Stories
5:48 am
Fri December 26, 2014

The Time Mayor Howard Jackson Shut Down The Ferry Howard Jackson

At exactly 5pm on New Year's Eve, 1938, Captain Leon Joyce took the ferry Howard Jackson across the harbor to the foot of Haubert Street in Locust Point for the very last time in the service's 114 years of existence. The service was costing the city $25,000 a year and Mayor Jackson had resolved to shut it down. And he did - which was probably the first of his New Year's resolutions that year that he kept.

What Are You Reading
12:00 am
Fri December 26, 2014

Jess Row

Jess Row from website
Credit Sarah Shatz

Tom talks with Jess Row, the author of the provocative novel, Your Face in Mine.

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The Signal
12:00 am
Fri December 26, 2014

Thoreau-ly Confused, The Double Game, and Lumbee Louis Campbell

A woman tries to deal with a husband who’s somehow been possessed by the soul of Henry David Thoreau. It's a special radio adaptation from the short fiction collection, The Wild Flowers of Baltimore, by Rob Roensch.

Dan Fesperman talks about his book, The Double Game, a story that's been called a "love letter to the spy novel genre."

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Humanities Connection
12:40 pm
Thu December 25, 2014

Mary, the Visitation, and the Magnificat: Part 2

“Molana” by Molavi
Credit Wikipedia

Last week Humanities Connection featured Dr. Heather Miller Rubens, a Roman Catholic Scholar at the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, on Mary’s visit to Elizabeth in Luke's Gospel. Today, on Christmas day, Dr. Homayra Ziad, ICJS' first Muslim Scholar, provides insights on the Muslim poet Jalaluddin Rumi's writings on the role of Mary in the Qur'an and the story of the Visitation.

Cellar Notes
4:37 pm
Wed December 24, 2014

New Year's Eve Bubblies - 12/24/14

Price key:  $=less than $20  $$= $20-40   $$$=$40-60  $$$$=above $60
Quality key:  * = good decent wine  ** = very good wine   *** = superb wine

Gruet Blanc de Noir *1/2  $  
(Surprise value from New Mexico!)

Gloria Ferrer Va de Vi  ** $  
(A touch of muscat makes for a lucious bubbly.)

St. Hillaire Blanquette de Limoux ** $
(Tremendous value at the price.)

Clara C Fiore Rosé Prosecco ** $
(Lovely rosé, easy drinking, and classy.)

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