Maryland Morning
8:55 am
Wed June 11, 2014

Reflections on Coming Out in Baltimore

Credit Seth Sawyers/flickr

The interviews heard in this segment originally aired on October 11, 2013. 

Tom Hall speaks with members of Baltimore's LGBTQ community.
This weekend, members of the LGBTQ community and their allies will gather for Baltimore Pride 2014.  The Pride Festival has grown exponentially in recent years.  The growth of Pride is a testament to how many people have come out, as society has moved toward equal treatment for gays, lesbians and transgendered people.   But in the early years of the gay rights movement, many people experienced great difficulty in coming out.   Last year, in honor of National Coming Out Day, we heard from Marylanders as they reflected on their experiences when they came out to their family and friends. Today, we revisit that conversation. 

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Maryland Morning
8:50 am
Wed June 11, 2014

Liz Lerman on "Healing Wars"

Tamara Hurwitz Pullman and Bill Pullman (foreground) with George Hirsch and Keith A. Thompson (background) in "Healing Wars."
Credit Teresa Wood

Tom Hall talks with choreographer Liz Lerman.

  The choreographer, writer and teacher Liz Lerman is Tom Hall's guest this morning.

Last week, she premiered her latest theatrical dance piece, "Healing Wars," which is an examination of how healers deal with the wounds of battle. 

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8:40 am
Wed June 11, 2014

VA Reforms, Transportation Funding, A Governor’s Race Poll, & A “Move Over Law” Enforcement Effort

U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski
Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via flickr

US Senator Barbara Mikulski is among a number of lawmakers supporting a bill to reform the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs. Most of the Maryland gubernatorial candidates are pledging to restore funding for local road maintenance and repairs that had been cut from the state budget by the O’Malley administration. Plus: another poll on the governor’s race, a targeted enforcement of Maryland’s “move over law,” the Red Line, “use of force” investigations in Baltimore, and more.

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Cellar Notes
9:19 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

American Syrah - 6/11/14

Price key:  $=less than $20  $$= $20-40   $$$=$40-60  $$$$=above $60
Quality key:  * = good decent wine  ** = very good wine   *** = superb wine

Cline Syrah, Sonoma County 2009 ** $
(Very good value for a luscious red.)

Zaca Mesa Syrah, Santa Ynez Valley, 2008 **1/2 $
(Australian influence, has some age on it already.)

Corvidae "Lenore" Syrah, Columbia Valley 2009 ** $
(A good example of cool-country syrah.)

Earthquake Syrah, Lodi 2006 **1/2 $$
(A great California syrah with tons of flavor.)

Many of these fine wines can be purchased at Wine World.  See sponsor tab.

The Morning Economic Report
9:04 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

Fighting Poverty - 6/11/14

For decades, many economists and policymakers have believed that the best way to fight poverty is to accelerate economic growth.  That seems to make sense since faster economic growth produces more job creation, which in turn produces more and better job opportunities – just the tonic for poverty.  One of those policymakers was John F. Kennedy, who among other things said that "a rising tide lifts all boats." 

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The Morning Economic Report
7:36 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

Public Sector Employment - 6/10/14

By reporting the addition of 217,000 net new jobs last month, May’s employment report means that America’s economy has finally exceeded its pre-recession employment peak.  But as reported in the New York Times and by other media sources, that milestone obscures two very different labor market stories.  While private sector employment exceeded its pre-recession employment peak several months ago, the public sector, which encompasses federal, state and local government, is still not close to returning to pre-recession employment levels. 

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A Blue View
7:30 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

Unusual Fish Dads - 6/10/14

Seahorses, sea dragons and pipefish are among the most flamboyant fish in the ocean.

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The Nature of Things
5:17 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

The Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly

  Like the Baltimore oriole, the checkerspot's beautiful orange and black coloration match those on Lord Baltimore's shield.

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The Environment In Focus
1:14 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

President Obama's Conservative Approach to Global Warming

President Obama's proposed regulations to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from coal-fired power plants have been attacked as a neo-socialist, federal power grab. Ironically, however, his "cap and trade" strategy for reducing carbon dioxide is actually a conservative and modest approach that uses a Wall Street-friendly method of reducing pollution championed by President George H.W. Bush.

The centerpiece of the Obama Administration's climate change policy -- which calls for reductions in emissions of about one percent a year over the next 16 years -- is far from radical. 

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tues. June 10, 1-2 pm
10:13 am
Tue June 10, 2014


In his new book, Klay provides a deeper understanding of what it was like on the front lines of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

In a collection of short stories, Dartmouth College graduate and Iraq War veteran Phil Klay describes the tedium, bloodshed and chaos experienced by Marines during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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