Dan Rodricks

Host, Midday

Dan Rodricks has been an award-winning columnist for the Baltimore Sun since 1979, and speaks of his adopted hometown as both its champion and its scold. He has observed local, state and national political trends for three decades.

His "Dear Drug Dealers" series in The Sun, a public call for an end to criminal violence in Baltimore bolstered by his one-man campaign to provide jobs or job training for ex-offenders, won the 2006 Excellence in Urban Journalism Award from the Freedom Forum and the Enterprise Foundation. His series, which exposed the obstacles that paroled felons face in finding jobs, was cited on national television and radio, and the Columbia Journalism Review. It won the 2005 Public Service award from the Chesapeake Associated Press. In 2006, he was named Public Citizen of the Year by the Maryland chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

From 1989 until 1993, Dan hosted a nightly talk show locally, as well as a five-hour Saturday morning show that ran until 1995. More than interviews and conversations with listeners, Dan's shows involved unique undertakings. His radio documentaries won acclaim, as well as the Silver Medal in an international broadcast competition in 1993. Listeners will recall some of Dan's popular radio features, including "Along The River," an outdoors travelogue and natural history, "Country Life Farm," a visit to a Maryland thoroughbred farm, "900 E. 33rd St.," a radio elegy to Memorial Stadium, "A Western Maryland Winter," and "The Greatest Game Never Played," a Chuck Thompson-Rex Barney play-by-play of a fictional game between the greatest Yankees and greatest Orioles.

A collection of Dan's columns, "Mencken Doesn't Live Here Anymore," was published in 1989, and in 1998 he authored, "Baltimore: Charm City," a celebration of Baltimore featuring the work of several accomplished photographers.

Dan also has performed in semi-professional theater in Baltimore.  His stage credits include: Young Victorian Theater Co., Samuel, The Pirates of Penzance, 1986; Monterrarat, Iolanthe, 1986; Shadbolt, The Yeoman of the Guard, 1987; Koko, The Mikado, 1988; Sir Joseph Porter, HMS Pinafore, 2001; and for Action Theater: Charlie, Death of a Salesman, 1999.  His performance in Pinafore was voted one of the Top Ten of the year by the City Paper.

Dan has lived in the Baltimore area since 1976, in the city since 1987.


Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tues. Dec. 22, 1-2 p.m.
9:28 am
Tue December 23, 2014

Midday Open Phones

On Sunday, Baltimore area resident Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot and killed two New York City Police Officers before turning the gun on himself.

Dan takes listener phone calls and emails related to the news of the day. 

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tues. Dec. 22, 12-1 p.m.
9:23 am
Tue December 23, 2014

Midday Politics: Year in Review

Maryland Governor-elect Larry Hogan

Melissa Deckman, chair of the political science department at Washington College, and Don Norris, professor of public policy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, discuss the year’s most significant state and national political stories. 

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Mon. Dec. 22, 1-2 P.M.
9:24 am
Mon December 22, 2014

A History of the GOP

Boston College history professor Heather Cox Richardson traces the evolution of the GOP from its founding by President Abraham Lincoln to its modern day incarnation in, "To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party."

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Mon. Dec. 22, 12-1 P.M.
9:20 am
Mon December 22, 2014

Dallas Dance

Dallas Dance, the superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, updates us on the implementation of Common Core standards, classroom technology improvements, and school security measures.

With production help from Midday intern Kerry DeSantis.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Fri. Dec. 19, 1-2 p.m.
11:32 am
Fri December 19, 2014

Midday's Best Books of 2014

Midday Associate Producer Michael Himowitz and blogger Paula Gallagher, a librarian at the Baltimore County Library's Pikesville Branch, share their picks for the best fiction and nonfiction books of the year.

For a link to a full list of their picks, click here. 

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Fri. Dec. 19, 12-1 P.M.
11:20 am
Fri December 19, 2014

Midday Friday

In this hour, we hear about three efforts to improve the lives of others. First up, Tyler Mains is a Johns Hopkins medical student and co-founder of MERIT, Medical Education Resources Initiative for Teens. MERIT connects high school students in Baltimore with internships and mentors in the medical field. Next, Gather Baltimore repurposes leftover food and redistributes it across Baltimore, providing fresh, local produce to families in need.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Thurs. Dec. 18, 1-2 p.m.
9:25 am
Thu December 18, 2014

Midday on the Bay

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently moved to ban fracking in that state.

The December edition of Midday on The Bay with Rona Kobell of the Chesapeake Bay Journal tackles two subjects: How two Democratic governors -- O'Malley in Maryland and Cuomo in New York -- take vastly different approaches to the controversial drilling process known as fracking for natural gas, and how two Maryland governors -- the outgoing O'Malley and the incoming Larry Hogan -- take vastly different approaches to curtailing phosphorus pollution from Eastern Shore chicken far

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Thurs. Dec. 18, 12-1 p.m
9:17 am
Thu December 18, 2014

Maryland's New County Executives

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman

Two new county executives, both Republicans, talk about their first two weeks in office and the year ahead: Barry Glassman of Harford County and Allan Kittleman of Howard County. 

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Wed. Dec. 17th, 1-2 P.M.
10:03 am
Wed December 17, 2014

Open Phones

Listeners are invited to call in with comments on the latest news of the day. Plus, should the grand jury system be abolished? Roger A. Fairfax, professor and associate dean at George Washington University Law School, explains the history and purpose of grand juries.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Wed. Dec. 17th, 12-1 P.M
9:29 am
Wed December 17, 2014

Baltimore Development 2014

Reporter Kevin Litten of the Baltimore Business Journal and architect and urban designer Klaus Philipsen review the year's most interesting real estate development proposals, population trends in downtown Baltimore, prospects for the Red Line and the future of the $1.5 billion State Center project.

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