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Greg Tucker

Senior Vice President, Americas Corporate Communications, Transamerica

A communications professional with more than 25 years working in diverse sectors (political, non-profit, the arts and corporate), Greg currently leads communications for Transamerica in the Americas.  A long-time resident of Baltimore, Greg’s past radio host experience includes “Backstage with the BSO” and “Onstage with the BSO” – programs which he co-developed for WYPR while serving as the Vice President for Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Prior to his current position with Transamerica, Greg was the global head of communications for Aegon N.V. (the parent company of Transamerica) and was based in The Hague, The Netherlands from 2006 to 2013. Greg, who claims not to be the smartest person he’s ever met, believes that it’s possible to make even the most complex topics and issues understandable and relevant to just about any audience, if only they take a moment to listen.

Ways to Connect

Dr. Stacy Fisher

Feb 22, 2016

Greg discusses the particular risks women face when it comes to heart disease and stroke with Dr. Stacy Fisher, Director of Women's and Complex Heart disease at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

  Greg and Hector discuss health coverage in 2016.

Greg and Catherine discuss a tax credit seemingly unknown to many Americans called the Saver's Credit and how it can help lower your taxes this year.

Greg and Hector discuss how to best manage stress in the workplace.

Greg and Hector discuss the state of health coverage in America and what people need to know about the landscape of health insurance in 2016.


Jan 5, 2016

Greg and Catherine discuss the challenges of saving for retirement and a new way to do so called myRA (My Retirement Account).


Dec 31, 2015

Greg and Hector continue their discussion on workplace wellness programs, specifically nutrition and healthy eating at the work.

Greg and Catherine discuss how the face of retirement has changed based on people living longer, and what a new survey from retirees reveals about what they would have done differently.


Dec 17, 2015

Greg and Hector discuss the effects of smoking on workplace productivity and what employers can do to encourage their workers to kick the habit.

Greg and Catherine discuss how to go about doing an end of the year financial checklist.

Greg and Hector discuss the important details employers need to know about the upcoming changes with the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act.

Greg and Hector discuss the importance of workplace physical activity.

Greg and Catherine discuss where you want to live when you retire to optimize your resources and ensure a high quality of life

Greg and Hector discuss the fact there will be no cost of living increase for social security beneficiaries next year, and how this will affect those on Medicaid.

Greg and Catherine discuss what homemakers should be doing to plan for their retirement years.

Greg and Hector discuss what you need to know about the open enrollment period for benefits and health coverage.

Gen X

Oct 21, 2015

Greg and Catherine discuss  the implications of the first group of Generation Xers turning 50.

Greg and Hector continue to discuss the benefits of regular physical activity while at work.

Greg and Catherine discuss the 2015 White House Conference on Aging which Catherine attended.

Greg and Hector discuss ways we can improve our workplace wellness.

Nest Egg

Sep 21, 2015

Greg and Catherine discuss the nest eggs of retiring Baby Boomers and how to make sure their savings will last.

Greg and Catherine discuss the candid conversations we need to have when taking care of our elderly parents as they grow older.

David Joyce/Flickr

Marriage triggers many benefits.  Greg and Hector discuss.

Juhan Sonin

Medicare and Mental Health in the ACA.

Marcia Pevey/Flickr

With Americans living longer than ever before, we look at the topic of elder abuse/elder fraud.

Margie Savage/Flickr

Provisions in the ACA for mental health coverage for children.


Retirement throughout the ages looking at the "Sixty somethings".


What are coverage options for mental health under the Affordable Care Act for college students?


  Retirement is on the horizon for the "Fifty Somethings".

The U.S. Army/Flickr

What are some of the specifics of available coverage for Veterans returning home in the Affordable Care Act.