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Jamyla Krempel

Digital Producer

Jamyla came to us from Delmarva Public Radio, where she was a reporter and local host for All Things Considered.  Thanks to funding from local foundations and members of the WYPR Board of Directors, she's helping us produce "The Lines Between Us." At Delmarva Public Radio, Jamyla was awarded "2011 Best News Series" by the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association for her look at racial inequality in Somerset County’s government, and she's covered redistricting, same-sex marriage, and the depictions of minorities on television.  She also led an NPR-guided revamp of the Delmarva Public Radio website.

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Center Stage

Mistaken identity, cross-dressing, love at first sight...it's got to be Shakespeare's classic "Twelfth Night." Center Stage's new production of "Twelfth Night" incorporates some film noir and classic Hollywood comedic elements into the play.

Ed Kashi

The Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid has written three acclaimed novels.  His latest book has just been released in paperback.  It’s called How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia.  It’s a look at the life of a man who journeys from indigent child to wealthy industrialist.  And it’s written as if it were one of those self-help, get rich quick books that fill the shelves of bookstores around the world.


Hollywood has its Oscars.  Baltimore has its Rubies. The city also has its Sondheim...and its Baker.  We’ve even got one called a Fred.  These are but a few of the awards being given annually to artists in the Baltimore metropolitan area. 


Under the Affordable Care Act, people are more likely to receive care in community health centers and at home than in hospitals, which means new responsibilities for nurses.  As the state does its full sprint to educate the uninsured, we wanted to focus on how some of the most crucial players are adapting: nurses. 


Our theater critic on a play about the theater. Maryland Morning theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck reviews "The Dresser" at Everyman Theatre. 

"The Dresser" continues at Everyman Theatre until March 23. 

Heidi Morstang

  Tom Hall visits a new exhibit at Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) that highlights the work of local and international artists who photograph places and objects which appear mostly on the ground.

Joan Marcus.

 "The Book of Mormon" is in town! Tom Hall and J. Wynn Rousuck discuss the Tony award-winning musical, now at The Hippodrome


  How should we talk about race? How often should we examine our own thoughts and feelings about race? Jay Smooth has some best practices for these difficult conversations.


The Maryland legislature is considering a bill called the "Maryland Second Chance Act of 2014" (SB 0804, HB 1166) which would shield convictions for ten non-violent misdemeanors from the eyes of the public-including most employers. A path to a second chance, or an unfair restriction on employers?

Mary Dwan

How is technology impacting our lives?  A new exhibit, Human, Soul & Machine: The Coming Singularity! at the American Visionary Arts Museum looks at how artists are interpreting the relationship between humans and machines. Tom Hall talks with the museum’s founder and director, Rebecca Hoffberger.