Jonathan Ehrens

Producer, Director Midday

Jon Ehrens is Producer and Director of Midday with Dan Rodricks.  He has been with WYPR in a variety of capacities since 2004.  Ehrens is a graduate of Goucher College, with a B.S. in American Studies and Communications.  He is a musician, producer and songwriter, associated with many Baltimore-based acts.


Midday with Dan Rodricks: Wed. April 16 1-2 p.m.
10:59 am
Wed April 16, 2014

Midday on Media

Funnyman Stephen Colbert is set to take over the "Late Show" in 2015 when David Letterman retires.

The Baltimore Sun's television critic David Zurawik makes his monthly visit to Midday. Among the stories we'll discuss this hour is  David Letterman's retirement from late night television, and Stephen Colbert's takeover of his show.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tues. April 15, 12-1 pm
9:19 am
Tue April 15, 2014


The cover of Bill Madden's 1954 is a photo of a game-changing catch made by Willie Mays.

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the first-ever game played by the Orioles in Baltimore. On that day, the team drew a capacity crowd of 46,354 to brand-new Memorial Stadium. As we mark 60 years of Major League Baseball in Baltimore, our guest is Bill Madden, veteran sportswriter for the New York Daily News and author of "1954: The Year Willie Mays and the First Generation of Black Superstars Changed Major League Baseball."

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Thu. April 10, 1-2 p.m.
11:49 am
Thu April 10, 2014

Baltimore Tech Entrepreneurship

Greg Cangialosi's personal motto is "Never Stop."
Credit Baltimore Sun

A conversation about the Baltimore start-up scene with the tech entrepreneur Greg Cangialosi, co-founder of the Blue Sky Factory email marketing company and CEO of the online event ticket merchant, MissionTix. Cangialosi is also co-founder of Betamore, a Federal Hill campus that encourages technology entrepreneurship, and the Baltimore Angels, a group of investors that helps fund area start-ups.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Wed. April 9 1-2 p.m.
10:23 am
Wed April 9, 2014

The Ivy League and Vietnam

Most, but not all, soldiers who served in the Vietnam War came from less advantaged backgrounds.

Loopholes in the draft helped many young, well-educated men dodge the Vietnam War. But not all Ivy Leaguers chose to do so. This hour, we'll hear from Phil Schaefer, Alan McKee and Bill Riggs, three Dartmouth College graduates with connections to Maryland, who contributed to a new book of essays, “Dartmouth Veterans—Vietnam Perspectives.”

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Wed. April 9 12-1 p.m.
10:18 am
Wed April 9, 2014

Ed Battles

The new Common Core curriculum has come under attack from parents and teachers nationwide.

A look at three education battles in Maryland. Dan talks with Liz Bowie, education reporter for The Baltimore Sun, about the controversial Common Core curriculum. Then: Harford County Executive David Craig and Ryan Burbey of the Harford County Education Association, on what Burbey says is a dire lack of adequate school funding there.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Tues. April 8, 12-1 p.m.
10:55 am
Tue April 8, 2014

General Assembly Wrap

The Maryland General Assembly voted this year to raise the state's minimum wage to $10.10.
Credit The Capital Gazette

The day after the Maryland General Assembly session ends, we take a look at what was accomplished, or not. Our guests: Chris Connelly, WYPR state house reporter; C. Fraser Smith, WYPR senior news analyst; and Erin Cox, Maryland politics reporter for The Baltimore Sun.


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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Mon. April 7, 1-2 p.m.
10:29 am
Mon April 7, 2014

How To Talk To Your Doc

Dr. Zackary Berger gives tips on how to get the most from your doctor in his new book, "Talking to Your Doctor: A Patient’s Guide to Communication in the Exam Room and Beyond."

Dr. Zackary Berger, author of "Talking to Your Doctor: A Patient’s Guide to Communication in the Exam Room and Beyond," joins Midday on Health contributor Dr. John Cmar to talk about ways to better communicate and create a healthier relationship with your doctor and the health care system. Original air date 08/05/13

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Fri. April 4, 1-2 p.m.
9:49 am
Fri April 4, 2014

Midday on Film

The film star Barbara Stanwyck

Critics Linda DeLibero and Christopher Llewellyn Reed join us to discuss the life and career of one of Hollywood’s original “it girls,” Barbara Stanwyck. We’ll also be joined by Stanwyck biographer Victoria Wilson, author of "A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True 1907-1940." 

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Thurs. April 3, 12-1 pm
4:13 pm
Thu April 3, 2014

Doug Gansler

Environmental and consumer protection were among Gansler's top priories as Maryland Attorney General.

  A conversation with two-term Maryland attorney general Doug Gansler, a Democratic candidate for governor in the June 24 primary.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Fri. March 28, 1-2 pm
9:49 am
Fri March 28, 2014

The New Era of Music Distribution

Will streaming kill the music industry? The answer depends on who you ask.

Streaming services Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and iTunes Radio have transformed the music industry by allowing consumers to listen to whatever they want, whenever they want it, at almost no cost.

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