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Lisa Morgan is the co-creator and producer of "The Signal," a weekly radio magazine devoted to exploring Maryland's thriving artistic and cultural scene. She also produces and voices promotional spots and does occasional reports for the news department. Lisa began her radio career in 1993 and has won a number of awards for her work. She has developed many programs for WYPR, including commentaries, features, and long-form audio documentaries. In her spare time she does voiceover and narration work for a wide variety of clients. A proud graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, she has been teaching radio production at Goucher College since 2002.

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If you visit the fourth floor of the Baltimore City Chief Medical Examiner’s office, you’ll see a series of what appear to be dollhouses. They feature fully furnished scenes complete with antique fixtures and everyday household items. They're inhabited by what, at first glance, appear to be regular dolls. At least, until you notice the dolls are laid out like dead bodies. 


Jul 7, 2016

Terry Richardson


John Waters celebrated his 70th birthday in April. From his early days as an enfant terrible film maker and the King of Sleaze, he has sustained a remarkable career as an author, a stand-up comedian, a visual artist, and one of America’s most thoughtful observers on the cultural landscape. He is the master of re-invention, and no work is more emblematic of that than Hairspray, which was a movie, a musical, and then a movie of a musical. This weekend, he’ll narrate Hairspray in yet another iteration: a Symphonic Production with the BSO. John Waters joins me this morning to talk about art, politics, and how to keep looking ahead.

Then, WYPR’s Lisa Morgan talks to Andrew Och, who goes on the road with America's First Ladies,and J. Wynn Rousuck previews the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival.

Andrew Och is the author of a new book about America’s First Ladies,  “Unusual For Their Time: On the Road With America’s First Ladies: Volume I.” He joins WYPR’s Lisa Morgan to tell the stories behind the women behind the men in the White House.

Och is an award-winning TV producer who began traversing the United States in 2012 for the C-SPAN Series “First Ladies: Influence and Image,” which aired in aired 2013 and 2014. For the TV series and the book, Och journeyed across the United States to research every first lady.

As he puts it, “I have traveled to nearly every city, town, village, home, school, church, birthplace, cemetery, train station, farm, plantation, library, museum, general store, town center and cottage that relates to these women, these ladies. I wanted to find out what type of woman grows up to become married to a president of the United States. What I discovered was that many of our presidents married up. Most of these men would not have made it to the White House without the help, influence, and support of their wives. Nearly all of our presidents married a woman who was unusual for her time.”

Early settlers of Maryland were wary of those they suspected of practicing witchcraft. 

In July, 1864, Union General Wallace and Confederate General Jubal Early meet at the Battle of Monacacy, and the two have a lasting impact on popular culture after the war.

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A radio adaptation of Ron Tanner’s short story, “Rosemary’s Rabbit”; Elissa Brent Weissman’s book, Nerd Camp 2.0; and a visit with the Free State Theatre Organ Society

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