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Maureen Harvie

Producer, On The Record

Maureen Harvie is a producer for On The Record. She began her career at WYPR as an intern for the newsroom, where she covered issues ranging from medical marijuana to off-shore wind energy.  

She also photographed events around the city, such as Baltimore's Kinetic Sculpture Race, and created slideshows for the newsroom's website.

She is fan of politics, podcasts, and pop culture.  Maureen Harvie is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and she studied radio production at Howard Community College.

Collateral Damage

Jan 12, 2015
Lloyd Fox / Baltimore Sun

We cover three aspects of violence in Baltimore: Sun reporter Andrea McDaniels discusses her recent three-part series on the long-term effects of violence on victims' families; social worker Megan Leschak talks about her efforts to identify criminal defendants who have themselves been victims of violence and suffer from PTSD; and we meet James Timpson, director of

We continue our discussion about poverty capitalism with a look at workers and consumers in Maryland. ​Susan Francis, deputy director of the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, talks about the new Abell Report that explains Baltimore's tax sales policy, and how it adversely affects the city's poorest homeowners. Marceline White, executive director for the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, explains how rent-to-own stores and payday loans are risky bets for people who have difficulty getting credit.

Contact with the criminal justice system has become increasingly expensive. Many states charge fees for services, such as public defenders, that used to be free, and more crimes are being punished by fines as an alternative to jail time. Offenders who can’t afford to pay often face many obstacles, including fines for their inability to pay, and increased time on probation or in jail.

All About the Song

Sep 11, 2014

While many know that The Star-Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key after the bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1812, most don’t know much about the history of the song itself, or about how difficult it can be to sing it.

Concert Drugs

Sep 4, 2014

The street drug ecstasy initially gained popularity in the underground rave scene, but has recently become a fixture at music festivals. Known as the “love drug,” ecstasy produces feelings of euphoria and emotional openness. However it can be dangerous--fatal even. Earlier this summer, two young men died following a concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion, where police suspect there had been widespread ecstasy use. Now many are asking if these types of tragedies can be prevented.