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W. Brooks Paternotte took the helm of Irvine Nature Center as executive director in July 2013 and immediately began building on the strong 35-year foundation.  Brooks is a Baltimore native who was a teacher, coach, advisor, dean and Head of the Middle School during his 13 years at Boys’ Latin School in Baltimore.  He is also an instructor and ambassador of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and is a Leave No Trace Master, as well as an avid outdoorsman and a features writer for FlyLife Magazine.

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Mar 11, 2015

The quintessential early bird, robins are North America’s largest thrushes. They are distinctive for their warm orange potbellies, long legs and fairly long tails. Does their presence finally mean that spring is in the air?


The value of the honey bee's pollination services is commonly measured in the billions of dollars. That's because the bees from each hive pollinate and collect roughly 60 pounds of pollen per year – that’s about the same weight as your average 7 year old.

The kestrel has a cool, 'hipster' vibe, with pairs of black vertical slashes on its pale face – referred to as a "mustache" and "sideburns."


  Knowing that I can make a difference through my food choice has led me to become a 'locavore.'  That is – I'm committed to eating meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, honey and other food products that are produced at farms in my local community.

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The process these farms follow to tap maple trees, collect the sap and make maple syrup is actually quite simple. It does, however, take lots of time and a willingness to get outdoors in the cold and experience this miracle of nature.