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The Art of the Tattoo

Sep 25, 2015

Do you have a tattoo? When did you get it and why? Does it still hold the same meaning that it did back then? Do you have any regrets? Or are you one who stands on the sidewalk as an extravagantly tattooed man or woman walks by, wondering why?

In the second hour of Midday Friday, we explore historical and modern tattoo practices, how tattoo technology developed and changed, and the work of contemporary artists. Body art historian Anna Felicity Friedman gives us a tour of different styles of tattoo around the globe and we talk about her new book, "The World Atlas of Tattoo," published by Yale University Press. Check out her blog and Facebook page for more tattoo history. We’ll hear about traditional practices in Cameroon, where facial tattoos represent social rank, and learn about a family in Jerusalem that has practiced tattooing for 400 years. Plus, we get the low-down on local, from Chris Keaton, founder of the Baltimore Tattoo Museum.