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Baltimore's Mayoral Race: Who's In, Who's Out

Oct 30, 2015

Credit Flickr Creative Commons // Wally Gobetz

The Democratic primary for Baltimore City Mayor takes place six months from now, on the 26th of April.  When Stephanie Rawlings Blake won the last Mayoral election in 2011, it was decided to grant her and other Baltimore elected officials an extra year in office, so that the Mayor’s race could be aligned with the Presidential Primary.  The federal and local general election will take place in November of 2016, making the general election season for Mayor considerably longer than it was the last time around, when the primary preceded the general election by less than two months.  Today, we’ll take stock of the candidates for Mayor who announced so far, as well as a few who are expected to run, but who have not yet announced.  I’m joined by two folks who keep a close eye on the local political scene.  Fern Shen is the founder and editor of the Baltimore BrewTaylor Stewart is the Regional Director of Leadership for Educational Equality.