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Off the Beaten Path

Apr 5, 2017

Anyone can pop the cork on a Napa cab or a white burgundy.  But there are a lot of pleasures to be had if you allow yourself to stray off the beaten path.  Al has a few suggestions to help you get pleasantly lost.

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Zaccardi Bonardo, Mendoza, Argentina '11

A little known big rustic red that is doing well in Argentina

Quality: ★★

Price Range: less than $20

Pueblo del Sol Tannat, Juanico Region, Uruguay '13

Well-made, up-to-date second tier grape that has found a new home

Quality: ★★1/2

Price Range: VALUE! less than $20

Graziano Petite Sirah, Mendocino '12  

High acid, exotic fruit, tasty red that is definitely not syrah

Quality: ★★

Price Range: less than $20

Pessora Da Vinha Touriga Nacional Reserva, Douro Valley, Portugal '13 

Acid dominated stand-along T.N. that should have been blended.Quality: ★1/2

Price Range: less than $20