Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, Roll Call Ritual, and Katherine Cottle’s “I Remain Yours”

May 22, 2014

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward remembers his years as a heavy metal trailblazer; Lisa Van Wormer shares an essay on ritual and symbolism in a military formation; and Katherine Cottle discusses her book, I Remain Yours:  Secret Mission Love Letters of My Mormon Great-Grandparents

Bill Ward gives Aaron Henkin's drum kit a sound thrashing amidst the artworks and antiques of Annapolis Collection Gallery.
  There’s an old warning in the journalism world:  Don’t interview your idol.  And if you do, don’t let him know he’s your idol.  The Signal’s Aaron Henkin has broken both rules:  He shares the story of his encounter with Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward.
author Katherine Cottle's great-grandparents, Peter and Nellie Sundwall, photographed with their first child
  They’re probably in a shoe box underneath a dozen other things in the back of a dusty closet, but they’re there – your old love letters.  Now imagine that your great granddaughter finds that old box of letters, a century from now, and she happens to be a writer.  Katherine Cottle is the author of, I Remain Yours:  Secret Mission Love Letters of My Mormon Great-Grandparents, 1900-1903, and she visits with Aaron Henkin.
    Former U.S. Army soldier Lisa Van Wormer joins shares the story of a particularly moving ceremony she attended during her deployment to Iraq.