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4:09 pm
Thu March 13, 2014

Bosley, Spare Rooms, and Megillat Esther

soul singer Bosley Brown, the movie Spare Rooms, and the graphic novel, Megillat Esther...


Charm City’s high-octane, retro-cool, soul sensation Bosley Brown is a musical hurricane in a suit and tie, and he drops in on producer Aaron Henkin to share some tunes from his new album, The Dirty Dogs Radio Show.

music and conversation with Bosley

"The key to a good lie is in its detail." That’s a line from Spare Rooms, a new film by Baltimore-based writer and director Mathew Bowden. The film tells a “family fiction” that closely resembles Bowden’s own childhood - growing up in a rural, same-sex household in the nineteen-eighties.  Bowden and film producer Joe Tropea speak to The Signal’s Lisa Morgan about the making of the movie. 

Spare Rooms

This weekend, Jews celebrate the annual holiday of Purim, a day of unrestrained celebration that usually involves… a lot of booze.  Purim has its roots in the Bible’s Book of Esther – it’s a bewildering story with more plot twists than a Hollywood thriller (and just about as much sex and violence). JT Waldman is the creator of Megillat Esther, which re-tells the saga, in the form of a graphic novel.  He visits with producer Aaron Henkin.

J T Waldman's "Megillat Esther"

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