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Boys Don't Cry

Apr 20, 2016

Andrew Reiner
Credit Derek Blanks/For The Washington Post

Here’s a hypothetical for you . . . You’re walking down the street and you see a woman standing there, crying. What do you do? Ask her if she’s OK? Try to comfort her? Now, what if that person standing there, crying, is a man? Is your reaction the same? Our guest this hour is a guy who cries. He cries without shame, in public, and when it happens, he’ll look you in the eye, and you’ll look away before he does. Andrew Reiner is a Towson University professor. He teaches a class on masculinity - and he wrote an article for The Washington Post titled, “The Tracks of My Tears: One man’s quest to have male crying be socially acceptable.” It made him a lightning rod for some vitriolic backlash, but he welcomes the debate. A conversation about men and emotional honesty.