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Can Medication Stop the Opioid Epidemic?

Nov 15, 2016

Credit Greg Scott / WBEZ

Tens of thousands of Marylanders - of all ages, in all parts of the state - have a drug problem. Every time they use, they’re in danger of overdosing. The number of deaths in Maryland related to heroin tripled between 2010 and 2015. Yesterday we heard a young woman’s story of heroin addiction and recovery using methadone. Today we hear from Dr. Kenneth Stoller, director of the Johns Hopkins Broadway Center for Addiction, which provides outpatient drug treatment services. He explains how medication-assisted treatment works and why increased access would be a public health benefit. Can medication-assisted treatment stop the opioid epidemic?

For substance abuse resources in Maryland, click here. The Maryland Crisis Hotline, which provides information on substance use disorder and mental health crisis services, is 1-800-422-0009.