Cellar Notes Website with Kyle Leslie - 3/5/14 | WYPR

Cellar Notes Website with Kyle Leslie - 3/5/14

Mar 5, 2014

Now that WYPR's new website is up and running, we wanted to let Cellar Notes listeners know how to use it to their best advantage. 

For years people have mentioned that they cannot write down our recommendations while they are driving home.  We understand.  That is why we post them on the website.

Here's how it works, and it only takes two clicks.  Go to wypr.org where you will find the home page.  Towards the top of the screen you will see the grey "destinations" bar.  Click on "Programs" to activate a drop-down menu.  You will see all of WYPR's local programs, including "Cellar Notes."  Click on "Cellar Notes" and you will arrive at our webpage.  YOU WILL WANT TO BOOKMARK THIS PAGE for future use.

The page contains our most recent selections, usually going back a few weeks.  Just below the main page title you will see "Full Archive for Cellar Notes."

This gives you access to months and months of programs.

If you click on the title of each week's show, a new page will come up which includes a "Print" option.  Use this to print up our Cellar Notes Selections to take with you when you are shopping.

If you use your SmartPhone to visit the site, it will detect your phone and re-configure the Cellar Notes page to be more compatible with your phone.  Just carry your SmartPhone to your favorite wine shop, and tell them what you are looking for. A look at the Cellar Notes picks reveals some new features. 

We are now coding our wine's cost using a "$" code.  We also are including brief text descriptions that will help jog your memory when you are looking for a wine that caught your ear.

The Cellar Notes website also has a link for podcasts, on the right hand side of the pate under "Podcasts & RSS Feeds." Click on the icon to hear old shows you may have missed.

Once again, do yourself a favor and BOOKMARK THE CELLAR NOTES WEBSITE.  You won't regret it.