"Deadly Medicine" Exhibit at University of Maryland, Baltimore

Apr 7, 2014

As the head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute’s Department for Human Heredity, Dr. Otmar von Verschuer, a physician and geneticist, examined hundreds of pairs of twins to study whether criminality, feeble-mindedness, tuberculosis, and cancer were inheritable.
Credit Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck--Gesellschaft, Berlin-Dahlem

Tom Hall tours "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race," a new exhibit at the University of Maryland, Baltimore that examines eugenics—and how it’s affected today's medical ethics.

He is joined by Susan Bachrach, curator for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

"Deadly Medicine" is a traveling exhibit produced by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The exhibit will be on display at UMB’s Health Sciences and Human Services Library until April 30. The library is located at 601 West Lombard St., Baltimore, 21201.