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Excessive Force in Baltimore

May 12, 2015

It turns out Freddie Gray was just one among thousands of arrested suspects turned away from Baltimore City jails due to physical injuries. In Sunday’s Baltimore Sun, reporters Mark Puente and Meredith Cohn revealed that over the past three years, thousands of arrested suspects showed up with a variety of medical problems ranging from hypertension to broken bones. We’ll hear from attorney A. Dwight Petitt about what he calls the “callous indifference” of police toward the public, and from criminologist Jeffrey Ian Ross, an expert on police practices. Plus, we’ll speak to Fern Shen of Baltimore Brew about Marilyn Mosby’s father, a former police officer who was kicked off his Boston police force in 1989.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the Department of Justice investigate claims of excessive force by the Baltimore Police Department.