The First Five Years: Protective Factors

Dec 11, 2013

Credit Maryland Family Network

Strengthening Families is an approach to promoting healthy family functioning. Taken together, protective and promotive factors increase the probability of positive, adaptive and healthy outcomes, even in the face of risk and adversity.

The Protective Factors Framework (Center for the Study of Social Policy) provides an overview of the five Protective Factors listed above.

Protective and Promotive Factors provides an explanation of the factors that mitigate or eliminate the risk of negative outcomes, as well as factors that actively enhance well-being. (Center for the Study of Social Policy)

Core Meanings of the Protective Factors provides examples that explain the Protective Factors.  (Center for the Study of Social Policy)

The Five Things All Families Need (4 minute video) describes the five Protective Factors that are the core of the Strengthening Families approach.  It includes video of participants in a Parent Café, the primary method of spreading information about the Protective Factors.  (Maryland Family Network)

For more information, visit the Center for the Study of Social Policy.