Gather Baltimore, Nancy Heneson, Peals, The Drawing Zoo, and Jim Karantonis at The Stoop

Mar 6, 2014

Gather Baltimore, memoirist Nancy Heneson, rock duo Peals, The Drawing Zoo, and Jim Karantonis at The Stoop.

Arthur Gray Morgan, founder of Gather Baltimore

  The term 'gleaning' goes back to the Old Testament.  In Biblical times, when farmers harvested grain from a field, they’d opt not to go over it a second time, so the poor could follow behind and gather the uncollected grain to feed themselves.  That ancient balancing of bounty and need is a lesson not lost on the modern-day volunteer organization, Gather Baltimore.  Producer Aaron Henkin has the story.

The site of the former I. J. Heneson Pharmacy, on the corner of 25th and Charles Street

From 1955 to 1980, Irv Heneson was the proprietor of the I. J. Heneson Pharmacy on the corner of 25th and Charles Street.  The pharmacy is long gone now, but the pharmacist’s daughter, Nancy Heneson, has fond memories of being there when her dad was working behind the counter.  Nancy Heneson shares her memoir-ette, The Corner Store.


What happens when a couple of bass players from two noisy Baltimore bands get together? Peals is a new collaboration between William Cashion of Future Islands and Bruce Willen of Double Dagger. After spending years playing in two of Baltimore’s most dynamic live bands, Cashion and Willen are charting entirely different territory with Peals. Producer Lisa Morgan has the story.

Miller, the ball pyhton, one of the talents at the Drawing Zoo(photo credit: Jimmy Pannett)

Have you ever taken a drawing class, the kind where you draw a live model?  Most of those models just do the work on the side, here and there, to make a few extra bucks.  But there are some lucky ones who have agents, managers who treat them like superstars and tend to their every need.  Producer Aaron Henkin takes us inside one of the most exclusive modeling agencies around:  The Drawing Zoo.

Jim Karantonis at The Stoop

Jim Karantonis is a retired US Army medic who served stateside as a psychiatric tech in a number of military rehabilitation hospitals.  Jim shared this tale at a Stoop Storytelling event called, “The Twilight Zone”.