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Globe Poster, “Freedom is a Hammer”, and “So Say the Waiters”

Dec 30, 2014

Brothers Bob & Frank Cicero of Globe Poster
Credit Allison Fisher

The bold type and fluorescent images of Baltimore's Globe Poster Company were great advertising for touring bands back in the heyday of R & B. Now, to the creators’ surprise, they're considered works of art. 

The Globe Poster collection has been purchased by MICA, and we drop in there to talk with longtime Globe shop operators Bob & Frank Cicero.

We learn about the right-wing troubadours who pioneered an obscure genre of music known as conservative folk in the 1960s. They saw their music and lyrics as a way to fight the influence of communists and hippies on the youth of America.

Justin Sirois discusses his novel, So Say the Waiters, the story of a mobile phone app that lets users arrange for their own kidnappings.