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Grab Bag of Bottles

Oct 12, 2017

Credit Stewart Butterfield/flickr

This week, Hugh and Al talk about wines produced by folks who are known for something else.

The Wine List

Novy Zinfandel, Russian River Valley '16  

A balanced, restrained zin with lush fruit 

Quality: **1/2 

Price: $20-$40

Freemark Abbey Sauviignon Blanc, Napa Valley '16

Emphasis on good acidity over fruit, great structure, classy approach

Quality: **  

Price: Less than $20

Bootleg Prequel, red blend, Sonoma County '15  

Rhone style red blend, big flavors, great complexity, mostly syrah

Quality: **1/2  

Price: $20-$40

Bootleg "Bootleg" Napa, red blend '13

Kitchen sink blend of big red grapes, considerable power, great texture

Quality: *** 

Price: $20-$40