High Cost for Mayland Drivers - 8/25/14 | WYPR

High Cost for Mayland Drivers - 8/25/14

Aug 25, 2014

Many of you are driving right now in the 12th most expensive state in the country in which to own a vehicle.  It costs about $2,368 per year to drive a vehicle in Maryland, the sum total of repairs, insurance costs and gasoline.  Maryland drivers spend $388 a year on repairs, $1,030 on insurance and $951 on gasoline according to the latest survey from Bankrate.com

The national average is $2,223 per ear, which means that Marylanders spend about $150 more than the national average per annum.  The highest annual expenditure is associated with car owners in Wyoming, who spend an average of $2705 a year to operate a vehicle.  That’s because the average Wyoming driver logs more miles than residents of any state – according to CNNmoney – enough to make 5 trips across the U.S. in a single year. 

Drivers in Wyoming spend an average of nearly $1,600 per year on gasoline alone.  Florida and New Jersey are also among the five most expensive states in the country in which to operate a vehicle, in part because of lofty insurance rates.  Owners in New Jersey pay an average of $393 a year for repairs, the most in the country.