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Human Trafficking - Erasing Convictions

Jan 25, 2018

Those who escape the clutches of human trafficking often face a hurdle in building a new life: A criminal conviction that stems from the coercion they endured--charges like trespassing or prostitution, can block them from a job--or safe housing or a scholarship.

Lawyers Jessica Emerson and Laurie Culkin from the Human Trafficking Prevention Project - a partnership of the University of Baltimore School of Law and the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service -  describe how they help victims clear their criminal records.

Survivor advocate Shamere McKenzie tells us how she came to be trafficked and how charges arising from it have followed her. Shamere McKenzie is the Anti-Trafficking Program Director for the Salvation Army of Central Maryland, which runs a safe haven for victims of trafficking called Catherine’s Cottage.


Human Trafficking Prevention Project

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service

Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force

Catherine's Cottage

National Human Trafficking Hotline -  1-888-373-7888 or text HELP or INFO to 233733