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Inside Sandtown-Winchester

Apr 9, 2015

A look at an experiment in urban renewal -- the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood in West Baltimore. What happened to the big plans to reclaim and renew West Baltimore's Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood? Twenty-five years and millions of dollars later, James Rouse's dream of a revitalized city neighborhood remains unfinished and, by one measure, the effort appears to be an abject failure: A report from the Justice Policy Institute found that Sandtown-Winchester had the highest rate of incarceration of any census tract in Maryland. Nearly $17 million is spent to incarcerate residents from the neighborhood. Marc Schindler, executive director of the Justice Policy Institute, talks about the study and how the JPI believes state funds could be better spent. Plus, we meet two men – Elder Clyde Harris of Newborn Community Faith Church, and Antoine Bennett, founder of Men of Valuable Action -- who support “returned citizens,” those coming back to the neighborhood after prison.