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John McIntyre on Language Debates

Jul 30, 2014

Sheilah Kast and the dapper John McIntyre.
Credit Jamyla Kay

John McIntyre fusses over writers’ writing as ‘night content manager’ for The Baltimore Sun. He also writes the blog “You Don’t Say” and occasionally visits Maryland Morning to discuss how language is used and should be used. His language space at "You Don’t Say" is not insulated from emotional issues in the news, including the crowds of young Central Americans crossing the U.S. border without papers. You can read the blog's take on the debate around whether to use the word  'immigrant' or the word 'refugee' here

During his interview with Sheilah Kast, McIntyre read his response to readers' peeves about slang. His post "Totes Adorkable" can be found on his blog later today.