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Listen Up: Help for Hearing Loss

Aug 17, 2016

Credit Michael Sauers / Flickr via Creative Commons

“What’d ya say?” “Speak up, stop mumbling!” “Would you repeat that?” Sound familiar? Maybe it’s someone you care about; maybe … it’s you. About 30 million Americans have enough trouble hearing it interferes with communication, and it’s much more common as we age. It’s not a minor frustration – hearing loss is linked to health problems like falling, to depression, anxiety and onset of dementia. Yet only a fraction of Americans who could benefit from hearing aids wear them. In this hour we’ll talk to a noted hearing researcher at Johns Hopkins about the impact of hearing loss, what keeps people from getting help with their hearing … and new developments on the horizon that might change that. Our guest: Dr. Frank Lin of Johns Hopkins Medicine. His clinical practice is dedicated to the medical and surgical management of hearing problems, and his research focuses on the intersection of hearing loss, gerontology and public health.

More information about research findings by Dr. Lin and his colleagues can be found here:

Dr. Lin serves on several scientific panels, and is frequently quoted in the general press: 

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