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Living Questions: How Faith Can Heal, or Divide, Society

Dec 21, 2015

Credit RAJ

It's time for this month's installment of Living Questions, ​a series produced in partnership with the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, in which we examine the role of religion in the public sphere.  

As we enter this Christmas week, we invited three prominent local faith leaders to discuss the rise of religious intolerance and bigotry in the wake of several recent mass killings -- three of them carried out by radicalized Muslim terrorists, another by a Christian anti-abortion terrorist-- and what roles prayer and faith are playing, for good or ill, in these troubled and often violent times. 

Joining Tom in the studio are Dr. Christopher Leighton, the executive director of the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, and an ordained Presbyterian minister;  Imam Saafir Rabb II, the CEO of Interculture, a consulting firm that advises public and private sector clients on matters of cultural competency and sensitivity; and Rabbi Steven Schwartz, Senior Rabbi at Beth El Congregation in Pikesville, and ICJS board member.