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Living Questions: What Is Religious Moderation?

Feb 23, 2015

Credit Columbia University Press

February's edition of Living Questions, our monthly series on the role of religion in the public sphere, examines the idea of religious moderation. With each new atrocity perpetrated by radical factions claiming divine guidance, a call comes for “moderates” to step up, counter those claims and restore reason to religion.  But how does one do that?  What does it actually mean to be a moderate?  How is it possible to be religious and not be, in some way, radical? Today's guest, Dr. William Egginton makes the case that the divide between atheists and fundamentalists are more closely aligned than they may appear. Dr. Egginton is the Vice Dean for Graduate Education at Johns Hopkins University and has just published his book called In Defense of Religious Moderation. He joins host Tom Hall in the studio.