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Living Questions: Why Is Religion Important?

Oct 27, 2014

From far left: Benjamin Sax, Tom Hall, Homayra Ziad and Heather Miller Rubens.
Credit Jamyla Kay

This morning, we begin a series called 'Living Questions,' a monthly series of conversations about issues surrounding religion, theology and ethics. We’re partnering with the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, an organization that for nearly 30 years has worked to cultivate religious literacy and inter-faith understanding. Joining Tom in the studio is Dr. Homayra Ziad, Dr. Benjamin Sax and Dr. Heather Miller Rubens.

About our guests

Dr. Homayra Ziad is the Muslim scholar on the staff of the ICJS. She and her family came to town just a couple of months ago.  She was an assistant professor of religion at Trinity College in CT.  She studies a wide range of topics, including Sufi theory and practice, and the intersection of religion and humor. Dr. Benjamin Sax is the Jewish scholar at ICJS. One of his areas of research is philosophical hermeneutics and modern theology. Dr. Heather Miller Rubens is a Roman Catholic scholar who looks at, among other things, religious minority communities.  She’s also an expert on the history of Catholic-Jewish relations in the British Empire.