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"Make Your Move"

Apr 22, 2014

The filmmaker Duane Adler spent some years of his young life in Odenton, Maryland and graduated from the University of MD College Park in the early 90s.  He now lives in Los Angeles, and he has written the screenplays for two of the highest grossing dance-teen romance movies in the last 40 years.  

Duane Adler is following the success of "Save The Last Dance" and the "Step Up" films with a new movie that has just opened in this area.  It’s called "Make Your Move," and it stars Derek Hough, one of the professional dancers on "Dancing with the Stars," as well as a Korean singer and dancer named BoA Kwon.  

It also marks Duane Adler’s directorial debut.  In this interview, Adler joins Tom Hall by phone by California. They discuss the dance movie genre, and how it is easier to represent diversity on the silver screen through dance.