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Maple Sugar Time

Mar 4, 2014

Two years ago, one of the largest agricultural heists in history occurred when six million pounds of maple syrup, worth some $18 million, disappeared from the warehouses of the Global Strategic Maple Syrup reserve in Quebec.

While the ridiculous-sounding news of a “maple syrup cartel” made headlines, the story also served to highlight an overlooked industry with high profits and a deep cultural history. Douglass Whynott, a writer based in New England, takes an up-close look in "The Sugar Season: A Year in the Life of Maple Syrup and One Family’s Quest for the Sweetest Harvest." We’ll also be joined by Jessica Jeannetta from the Oregon Ridge Nature Center, and Leo Shinholt, who owns the S&S Maple Camp in Corriganville, Maryland.

The Sugar Season delves into the history of the country's maple sugar industry.

With production help from Midday Intern James Daley.