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Meet East Baltimore Midway's Stakeholders

Dec 15, 2015

The coveted 21st Street lots in East Baltimore Midway, currently inhabited by the Boone Street Farm.
Credit Connor Graham

Baltimore citizens and city leaders have long called for stronger investments in inner city communities, especially after the unrest in the spring. But what happens when there are competing plans for improvements?

In this hour of Midday, we’ll speak to stakeholders from the East Baltimore Midway neighborhood: Cheryl Carmona and Patrick Baron, Founder and  Manager and Development Coordinator of the Boone Street Farm; and Tamir Ezzat, a young architect based in Howard County, who hopes to turn blighted neighborhoods back into thriving communities. The problem is, they're in competition for the same lots.

In a city that is need of both affordable housing and accessibility to healthy foods, what kind of improvement is more valuable? Julie Day, Deputy Housing Commissioner of Land Resources, tells us what role the city plays in moderating this dispute.