One Organizations' Efforts to Break the Cycle of Homelessness for Baltimore Women

May 9, 2014

Beth Benner
Credit Women's Housing Coalition

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and on Sunday night, like almost any night of the year, there will be hundreds of mothers and their children in Baltimore and throughout Maryland who are homeless, and many more who are in unstable or dangerous living situations.   

The joys of motherhood have been documented through the ages, of course, but any mother will tell you that with those joys come significant burdens and worries.  

Imagine how much more acute those burdens are for mothers who are trying to care for their children without a place to live.  

Beth Benner thinks about this every day. In January, she was appointed the Executive Director of the Women’s Housing Coalition.  

She joined Tom Hall in the studio this morning. 

The Women's Housing Coalition has a list of partners that the staff works with. They have listed other resources and service providers who can assist women in need.