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The Port Covington Debate: A Reporters' Notebook

Aug 17, 2016

A rendering of the Port Covington development site
Credit Sagamore Development

This morning, a conversation about one of the most complicated and controversial issues facing Baltimore today: the $5.5 billion dollar proposal to develop Port Covington in South Baltimore.  Sagamore Development, the development arm of Kevin Plank and Under Armor, has proposed to build what amounts to a city within a city on Baltimore’s Southern Shore.  It’s a project that is slated to unfold over decades, and it has the potential to transform the city’s economy and its international profile.  Critics, however, are wary.  They fear that it will further segregate the city, and that local leaders are missing an opportunity to create not only jobs, but affordable housing, and a road out of poverty for many residents.  Joining Tom in studio to walk-us through the latest in the on-going Sagamore Saga are Natalie Sherman of the Baltimore Sun and Melody Simmons of the Baltimore Business Journal.