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Rousuck's Review: "Alice and the Book of Wonderland"

Aug 17, 2017

Johnny Weissgerber and Laura Rocklyn
Credit Courtesy of Joshua McKerrow

Today, Midday theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck joins Tom with her review of  Alice and the Book of Wonderland, a new rendition of the classic being produced on stage by the Annapolis Shakespeare Company, in Annapolis, Maryland. Sally Boyett and Donald Hicken adapted Lewis Carroll's whimsical children's novel and gave it a modern twist. Boyett directs the action, which involves a series of absurd Carrollian vignettes that draws the curious young Alice deeper into Wonderland's surreal mysteries.

Alice and the Book of Wonderland continues through August 20th on the Main Stage at the Annapolis Shakespeare Company. Ticket and information can be found here.