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Safer Streets, Safer Spaces

Apr 14, 2014

Businesses displaying this poster are participating in the Safer Spaces campaign
Credit Hollaback! Baltimore

Warm temperatures bring more people out on the street, making them more vulnerable to catcalling. Street harassment is sexual harassment or assault in public spaces. This form of harassment can happen in any public space.

Chris Belkas and Shawna Potter.
Credit Jamyla Kay

Hollaback! Baltimore is a non-profit that aims to end street harassment through activism. It started in 2011, and has been collecting stories of street harassment ever since. It recently started the Safer Spaces campaign, which offers businesses training in the skills they need to address street harassment within and around their location.

In this interview, Sheilah Kast talks with Shawna Potter, executive site leader of Hollaback! Baltimore and Chris Belkas, a volunteer with Charm City Art Space, who has been trained under the Safer Spaces campaign.