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Scouting Talent and Diversity for Law School

Nov 1, 2017

Prof. Michael Higginbotham, Fannie Angelos scholars Keon Eubanks and Annice Brown, program director Prof. Michael Meyerson

Scout out talented students at HBCUs, prepare them for the rigors of law school, mentor them throughout their careers. The Fannie Angelos Program for Academic Excellence aims to boost diversity in the legal profession.

We hear from the co-founders, University of Baltimore law professors Michael Higginbotham and Michael Meyerson, and we meet two graduates at the start of their law careers, Annice Brown and Keon Eubanks.

The Fannie Angelos Program’s fourth annual gala is a week from tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 9th, 6 pm at the Belvedere Hotel.