In search of E B White; Benn Ray’s book picks; and Betsy Boyd’s baby-making odyssey

Jun 26, 2014

Andrew Reiner recounts his road trip to the secret stomping grounds of E B White; Atomic Books' Benn Ray recommends books; and Betsy Boyd's continuing baby-making adventures

Andrew Reiner became obsessed with this photograph of E B White. He took a road trip to find where this picture was taken.

The legend goes something like this:  One morning back in the late 1930s, E.B. White was taking a stroll around his farmhouse in Maine when he caught sight of a spider spinning an egg sac.  According to popular folklore, it was that chance encounter that would inspire him to pen his children’s book, “Charlotte’s Web.”  White passed away at his home in Brooklin, Maine, in 1985, and the residents of the town are famously protective of his privacy, even after his death.  Signal contributor Andrew Reiner joins us to recount a pilgrimage that brought him as close as possible to the secret sanctuary of the late, great American writer.

a contemplative Benn Ray
Benn Ray of Atomic Books shares his summer reading recommendations the Signal’s Lisa Morgan.
Betsy Boyd

When Betsy Boyd decided in her late thirties that she wanted to have a baby, she knew she’d face some challenges.  What she didn’t know was just how many twists and turns her quest would take. She’s been chronicling her adventure in a series of essays.  Here’s the latest.