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Seasonal Ales

Jan 10, 2018

A little heavier and a little higher in alcohol content, these are the beers you want to warm up with this winter.

The Beers

St. Bernardus Chirstmas Ale  10% ABV  bomber bottle $14  **1/2

A super-charged porter style with holiday flavors

Brasserie du Ciel "Solstice d'Hiver" 10.2% ABV  12 0z. bottle $6  ** 1/2

A barley wine ale with bitter chocolate notes, power

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale  "Fresh Hop IPA"  6.5% ABV  $9 six pack  **

A heavy, full bodied IPA style with lots of body

Family Rue, The Bruery "9 Ladies Dancing"  11.3% ABV $11 bomber bottle ***

A totally rich treat, suitable for dessert