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Simple Foods

Jul 18, 2017

Credit Arnold Gatilao/flickr

Can you roast a chicken? Can you sear a piece of fish? Can you make a grilled cheese? Tony and Chef Wolf teach you the basics of cooking simple food. Click on the photo for recipes.

Tony's challenge to Cindy


·         Cheddar cheese

·         Green olives

·         Dried pasta

·         Cherry tomatoes

·         Sweet, red peppers

·         Jalapenos

·         Ground pork

·         Chicken breast on the bone

·         Lemon

·         Nectarines

·         Parmigiana

·         Herbs

·         Dairy

·         Evoo

Season, sear, sauté, chicken breast and then roast in the oven at the very end.  Put some butter in the pan at the end and add a tiny bit of lemon verbena to the butter to flavor. Then pull out. Slice and place nectarines in the pan (last 2 minutes of cooking). Deglaze the pan with lemon juice. Cut chicken off the bone and slice to serve.

Sauté jalapeno sliced in half in corn oil with seeds.  As soon as the lines begin to form in the pan (?) turn off heat, let pepper sit in the oil for a few minutes and then puree. Sauce for chicken.

Serve cherry tomatoes with the pasta: grill the red peppers with oil, salt, pepper.  Julienne and quarter the tomatoes, toss with some jalapeno sauce. 

Brown pork in a pan, toss with pasta.

Eat cheese and olives as you cook : )

Cindy's Challenge to Tony


·         Bushel of crabs

·         Green onions

·         Eggplant

·         Corn

·         Zucchini

·         Tomato

·         Basil

·         Parsley

·         Chives

·         Thyme

·         lemon

Steam crabs with spices and beer. Zucchini carpaccio – thinly slice and service with EVOO, lemon, basil, salt and pepper

Shuck the corn and grill on low heat until they begin to char and caramelize. Cut off the cob and mix with green onion, tomato and nectarine into a salad with chive and parsley.

Halve the eggplant and roast with garlic and salt. Roast until it collapses. Let cool and scoop out the middle and seeds or “cavier”.  Mix in a bowl with mayonnaise, chives, garlic, evoo, lemon, chili powder.  Serve warm with grilled bread.