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Sipp-Mack of Alsace

Nov 20, 2017


Al and Hugh visited Alsace, a region in northeastern France recently and they'll focus this week's episode on Sipp-Mack, a producer in the area.

The Wines

Sipp-Mack Pinot Blanc Tradition '16  ** Less than $20

Full-flavored, a lot of fun, made with serious intent

Sipp-Mack Pinot Gris Tradition '15 *** $20-$40

High quality pinot gris, lots of pear and mineral flavors, T'giving natural

Sipp-Mack Gewurtztraminer Tradition '15 *** $20-$40

Very intense gewurtz, sweet fruit flavors, pineapple hazelnut notes

Sipp-Mack Crémant d'Alsace **1/2  $20-$40

Strongly resembles blanc de blanc Champagne

Sipp-Mack Riesling Grand Cru Rosacker ****  $40+

Intense, crystaline structure, pure flavors, as good as it gets