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Smart Nutrition: Can You Be "Heavy" And Healthy? (Re-Air)

Nov 24, 2017

Monica Reinagel is an author and licensed nutritionist.
Credit Photo courtesy Monica Reinagel

(This program originally aired on September 13, 2017)

Many of us are carrying a bit more weight on our fragile frames than we would prefer. In fact, more Americans are obese than ever before.  

But what about folks who are technically "overweight" but whose cholesterol is okay, who have normal blood pressure, and whose other health indicators are not worrisome?   Some experts say that’s okay.  This belief -- that you can be fit and fat -- is driving the so-called Health at Every Size movement.

The Nutrition Diva, Monica Reinagel, joins Tom Hall in Studio A to tell us more about this movement.  She is an author and a licensed nutritionist.  She blogs at and she joins Midday for our Smart Nutrition segment every other month.