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Talking With The Mayoral Candidates: Sen. Catherine Pugh

Feb 10, 2016


  Today, we continue our series of conversations with people who have announced their intention to run for Mayor of Baltimore.  The deadline for filing with the board of elections was last Wednesday.  When the dust settled, we found that there will be 13 Democratic candidates on the April 26 primary ballot, one of whom, activist DeRay McKesson, filed about an hour before the deadline.  Five Republicans have also registered to be on the ballot.  Three Green Party candidates, 1 Libertarian, 2 Independents, and 5 candidates not affiliated with any party will appear on the General Election ballot on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8. 

We’ve spent the past four Wednesdays here on Maryland Morning speaking with candidates about their visions for the city.  Today, Tom's guest is State Senator Catherine Pugh.  She is a Democrat.  She is 65 years old.  She lives in Ashburton.  She has served on the Baltimore City Council and in the Maryland House of Delegates.  Since 2007, she has represented the city of Baltimore as Senator from the 40th District.  She has been the Majority Leader of the Maryland Senate since last year, after serving as the Deputy Majority Leader for three years, and the Deputy Majority Whip for three years prior to that.