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Understanding "For Whom It Stands"

Aug 8, 2014

Bang by Kerry James Marshall.
Credit The Progressive Art Collection

Next month, Baltimore will be front and center as the nation celebrates the 200th anniversary of Frances Scott Key’s poem that eventually became our national anthem. Although "The Star Spangled Banner" is often sung in a particular style, there are more ways to sing the national anthem--and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture has 15. 

Tom Hall visits the Lewis Museum which is featuring an exhibition that explores the history of the American flag, with particular attention to the stories surrounding the flag that are not well-known, or often-told.  

It’s called For Whom it Stands: The Flag and the American People, and it includes more than 100 works of art, artifacts and documents that tell the story of our flag as an iconic symbol.  Tom is joined at the Lewis Museum by its director, Dr. Skipp Sanders, as well as the beatboxer, Shodekeh, who has created some audio installations for the exhibition. 

For Whom it Stands: The Flag and the American People is up at the Lewis Museum until February 28, 2015. You can also see the companion exhibit For Whom It Stands, TOO until September 14, 2014.