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A View Of The Unrest From McElderry Park

May 11, 2015

Credit Ian Freimuth / Creative Commons

The corner of North and Pennsylvania Avenues has become a stage for a national debate over race and policing. Nearby West Baltimore neighborhoods like Sandtown-Winchester have been the focus of a wider discussion of the social conditions fueling the unrest, and community efforts to rebuild. But, what about East Baltimore? Just like in West Baltimore, communities there have been working for decades to address challenges like unemployment, addiction, residential segregation, violence, and police brutality.

To help us understand how things look from a neighborhood on the East side of town, we spoke with the president of the McElderry Park Community Association, David Harris. We were also joined by Antuane Breeden, who lives on North Luzerne Avenue in McElderry Park. He’s a ninth-grader at National Academy Foundation High School.