Viognier | WYPR


Sep 13, 2017

Credit Paul Aloe/flickr

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Ojai Viognier, Roll Ranch vyd, Ventura County '14

Pretty good viognier that touches the bases, good with food

Quality: ** 

Price: $20-$40

Cambria Viognier, Tepusquet Vyd. Santa Maria Valley '15  

Textbook California viognier, very good complexity, VALUE

Quality: ** 1/2

Price: Less than $20

McManis Viognier, California '15

For the price, this really brings a lot, good not great but a VALUE

Quality: ** 

Price: Less than $20

Cline Viognier, North Coast '16

SUPER VALUE:  rich, balanced, quality, over-delivers

Quality: ***

Price: Less than $20